Health Sciences in China

Welcome to the Study in China website. We have entire solution for people who want to further their career in china, be it studying medicine or engineering or to do a semester here and transfer credits to universities back home or learning Chinese martial arts combined with language programs. Come explore the world of China, a unique and beautiful world.

Master in Medicine


Master of Medicine is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by medical schools to medical doctors following a period of instruction and examination. The degree is awarded by both surgical and medical subspecialties and usually includes...



A university is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. A university provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The word university...

Why Study in China
Why study in china   As you must be aware, China is growing destination for studying medicine since China Universities is cheap cost wise and highly reputed in technology wise and so the forefront in the field of education and more specifically medicine, besides the mentioned specializatio
How to apply for China's universities?
Recent applications to Top universities & courses
University Name Course Applied Teaching Language Apply
Sichuan University Nuclear Medicine English Apply
Sichuan University Molecular Pathology English Apply
Capital Medical University Zoology English Apply
Dalian Medical University Dermatology and Venereology English Apply
Capital Medical University Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy English Apply