Eligibility Requirements

Are the documents clear?

Have all documents been received? Essential Documents are Student Undertaking and Indemnity form.

For Undergraduate Course

  • Both A level & O level mark sheet (Or) Matriculation and intermediate level mark sheet
  • Matriculation and 10+2 mark sheet (11 & 12 class).
  • For DMU, NUAA, Passport copy is mandatory (all information pages)
  • If no passport available, please give ID card copy.
  • Application form of the university

Additional documents for Post Graduate Courses

  • Transcript for each Semester of MBBS Course.
  • MBBS Certificate (Diploma)
  • Medical License Certificate
  • List Missing documents.

Check grades.

  • CMU     > 70%  or 1A & 2B
  • ZMU     > 70%  or 1A & 2B
  • HUST    > 60%  or 2B & 1C


  • Application to be filled only in the form for respective university.
  • Application to be typed (not hand written).
  • Information filled in by student to be in bigger and bolder font (size 14) and to be underlined.
  • Address should have a street and house no. it should not be P.O.No.
  • Photo is mandatory and should be on white background.
  • English level- you mark only in excellent or good but not in fair or poor (because teaching medium is English and University may reject applications if English is poor).
  • Source of financial supports- Self financing (if you write other-we have to give the name of supporter).
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